Software Testing

We will perform all types of testing using black-box or white-box techniques: functional, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, accessibility, performance, load/stress testing etc., as required and directed, in order to validate that your application/ product meets all its requirements and performs all the functions as expected, prior to its release.

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Our efficient process and managed governance enable our software testers to rapidly become a seamless extension of your software development teams.

A software testing assignment, requiring verification and validation of the software may include several or all of the following testing methods:

Functional Testing: Validate that the front-end and back-end of the software product performs as expected, effortlessly, efficiently, consistently, and that all the features and functionality are fault free.

Compatibility Testing: Make sure that the software will work seamlessly and flawlessly on the supported hardware, devises and third party software utilities and tools.

Load Testing: Pushing the software to its limits to confirm that it can endure the demands of increasing data, information and end-users for a growing business.

Usability Testing: Provide feedback and recommendations that the UI/UX is intuitive, user friendly, visually appealing and aesthetic.

Regression Testing: Retesting after each iteration of bug fixes and code changes, to validate absence of errors and faults throughout the software application.

The value of software testing is derived from the quality, price and time that are saved by releasing superior products to satisfied customers. Through techniques such as the utilization of knowledgeable and inventive software testers and early identification of defects, you can decrease the time to market and the cost of quality, while increasing the level of end-user satisfaction.

  • Create Test Plans
  • Generate Test Scripts
  • Execute Manual Testing
  • Conduct Automated Testing
  • Provide Test Reports
  • Websites
  • Desktop Applications
  • Enterprise/Client-Server Applications
  • Web Applications
  • eCommerce Applications
  • APIs/Web Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • PC, Mobile and Console Games


We employ leading methodologies and tools to increase productivity while simultaneously reducing risks and costs. We follow all industry best practices and standards in our testing methods and processes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Test Plan
  • Test Case
  • Test Scripts
  • Bug Documentation
  • Bug Review
  • Bug Prioritization
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Test Reports

A few of our completed Testing Projects
  1. FinPac Financial & Accounting software: A comprehensive Web Based Financial and Accounting Solution with five modules; Financial Accounting, Asset Accounting, Material Management, Sales & Distribution and Management Accounting.

    Testing Assignment: Test case development and Automation, Functional, Usability, Compatibility and Performance Testing.
  2. AeroTxt Mobile messaging App: A cross platform mobile messaging application for Google Android and Apple IOS smart phones and tablets. Offering Text, Voice, and email messaging via Internet and via Iridium Satellite link.

    Testing Assignment: Test case development, Functional, Usability, Regression, Compatibility and Performance Testing.
  3. PQC Pharmaceutical Quality Compliance (PQC) application: A centralized web based information management system for Pharmaceutical QC / QA stores batch analytical result, manufacturing information, and tracks, monitors analyze test data. Compliance reports include Certificate of Analysis (COA) and APR (Annual Product Review).

    PQC is deployed at a major multi-national pharmaceutical company and the software is in operation for over eight years.

    Testing Assignment: Test case development, Functional, Usability, Manual, Regression, Compatibility and Performance & Load Testing.
  4. SAP-212 Voice & Data Communications Gateway plus Multi-Media Server: An Innovative, compact, versatile, on-board aircraft communication gateway plus application hosting solution. specifically designed for commercial airlines.

    Testing Assignment: Test case development, Functional, Usability, Regression, Compatibility and Performance & Load Testing.
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for a large Government organization training center : A web based ERP Solution with seven modules - Accounting & Finance, Store Management, Human Resource, Computer Equipment, Dormitory, Transport and Training Management System.

    Testing Assignment: Test case development, Functional, Usability, Compatibility, Regression and Load Testing.